Have you received a tax notice from the Internal Revenue Service
or the New York State Department of Tax and Finance?


I’m Carl Hasselbarth of Hasselbarth Law in Albany, NY. We know very well how these letters can feel. We work very hard to have these issues dealt with – and we have. Click here to contact me today.

Our approach is always to use our many years of experience to work as hard as we can, regardless of the letter that you received.

We start by opening the lines of communication with the IRS or NYS and begin to create solutions immediately. Ignoring these letters always backfires as it usually increases your penalty.

If you have a Hasselbarth Law working towards a resolution with the IRS or NYS, they are more likely to cooperate.  Their case load is large – they appreciate working out problems.

With Hasselbarth Law by your side, you’ll have the government off your back before you know it. Contact me today so we can begin immediately.

The sooner you have us on your side, the sooner we can begin to help.



Letters from either NYS or the IRS that Hasselbarth Law can help you with:

» Standard IRS Initial Collection Steps For Unpaid Taxes

  • IRS Notice CP14 – You owe money or unpaid taxes. If no response;
  • IRS Notice CP501 – Balance due on a tax account, 1st notice. If no response;
  • IRS Notice CP503 – Balance due on a tax account, 2nd notice. If no response;
  • IRS Notice CP504 – Notice of intent to seize (“levy”) your property or rights to property, Final notice.

» IRS Notices Related to Enforcement Actions

  • IRS Notice CP15B – Notice charging taxpayer a Trust Fund Recovery Penalty for not paying employment or excise taxes.
  • IRS Form 2751 – Proposed Assessment of Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
  • IRS Notice LT16 – IRS has assigned your account for enforcement action
  • IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien (Form 668(Y)(c))

» Other IRS Notices

  • IRS Notice CP21A – IRS made changes taxpayer requested to his tax return for a specified tax year.  Taxpayer owes additional taxes as a results of the changes.
  • IRS Notice CP220 – IRS made changes for the tax year specified on the notice.
  • IRS Notice CP171 – Reminder of amounts owed in tax, penalty and interest.
  • IRS Notice CP215 – Notice of Penalty Charge
  • IRS Notice CP134B – Notice of discrepancy between federal tax deposits credited to your account and those reported on tax return

» New York State Notices and Orders to Collect Unpaid Taxes

  • NYS DTF Notice and demand for payment of tax due
  • NYS DTF Notice of Intent to Refer Your Debt
  • NYS DTF Consolidated Statement of Tax Liabilities
  • NYS Tax Warrant
  • NYS DTF Notice of Proposed Driver License Suspension Referral
  • NYS DMV Order of Suspension or Revocation

Note: NYS DMV can suspend your driver’s license if your unpaid NYS taxes exceed $10,000.


Please contact me today. I will get back to you ASAP.
We know how serious this can be and do want to help.

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